Andy is a cinematographer of narrative, promos and documentaries. A strong-believer in conveying a story in images, he embraces both classic and modern, high-tech and low-fi methods to creatively tell a tale.


Working in all scales of production, Andy has photographed documentaries for BBC1 and Sky, small independent features and larger productions. This has included working with an array of talent including veteran director Philip Saville and stars Priyanka Chopra, Eric Clapton, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Ruth Negga.


Andy won his first award from his first feature ‘Two Down’, a character-driven crime thriller directed by Matthew Butler and staring Alex Hassell. Shooting digitally, he gave the production a period look using old lenses, tricks and ‘classical’ lighting. Andy has used similar techniques on further period projects. He is experienced with extensive digital SFX (while shooting ‘Contractor 014352’ with Johnny Flynn), but also more practical ‘in-camera’ effects like traditional back-projection used on ‘Starboy’.


Shoots have taken Andy to North America, India and Europe where he has enjoyed working with local crews and exciting new landscapes.


Forever open-minded, Andy has shot experiment work, including for installations and theatre, he recently won awards for the experimental short-film ‘Hollow-Pond’.

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